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Matovu Robson’s Affidavit





I ROBSON MATOVU of C/o Kaggwa & Company Advocates, P.O Box 6624 Kampala, do solemnly make oath and declare as follows:

1. THAT I am a male adult of sound mind, now resident of Mr Kalema’s houses, Wagaba Zone, Rubaga, near Buganda Royal Institute and the victim of sodomy by Pr Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral, and make oath.

2. THAT my father, Matovu Sula and mother, Doreen Uola, separated in my childhood. When my father took on another wife, she mistreated me and because I didn’t know my mother’s whereabouts then, I dropped out of school in Primary 4 and became a street boy in the 1990s, living on Dewinton Road, Kampala.

3. THAT in the late 1990s, Mrs Sekitoleko who was a member of Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral, then working at Communication House Kampala, got me off the street and took me to her children home, ACEND, near Bulange, where I lived with about 15 other children who included Swaibu, Dan, Walusimbi, Hassan, Lawrence, Kavuma, Nyanzi, Avanzin, Longonyo and Patrick (now in USA).

4. THAT when Mrs Sekitoleko died in 2000, Pr. Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral took me and a few other children on, while some returned to the street and the children’s home changed name from ACEND to OPEN DOORS.

5. THAT at church (Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral), I joined the Mass choir.

6. THAT about 2003, I discovered that my mother was working as a laborer on a farm in Nakasongola, but with a healthy problem.

7. THAT when I got some money, I joined second hand clothing business at Owino market, hired a house to stay in at Nakulabye and brought my ailing mother to stay with me.

8. THAT when her situation got worse, I decided to tell Pr Robert Kayanja, before whom I had started getting favored and could at times sit and discuss with him.

9. THAT when I told him about my mother’s problem, he gave me One hundred and fifty thousand Shillings (Shs 150,000) to take her for medical examinations which showed that she had developed a hole on her heart which required her two million eight hundred thousand Shillings (U Shs 2,800,000) to get treatment, which we couldn’t raise.

10. THAT when I took the report to him at church, he invited me to his home at Ntinda with promise to look into the matter.

11. THAT when at his home, he told me that if I wanted him to pay for my mother’s treatment, he would if I also helped him in his ‘problem’ which required him to sleep with me in bed. Shocked and confused, I told him that I would return to him later after forethought.

12. THAT when I returned home that day, I had a very sleepless night seeing my mother in agony and without any ability to provide for her treatment. I was also haunted by the fact that the only person who could support required me to let him sodomize me. Therefore, alternativeless, I decided to go back to Pr Kayanja and let him sodomize me for money.

13. THAT on the following day, I returned to Pr Kayanja’s home at Ntinda and he sodomized me in the absence of his wife.

14. THAT the act proved very painful to me after which he gave me Five hundred thousand Shillings (Shs 500,000) and told me to collect the balance on the following day.

15. THAT when I went for the balance on the following day, he demanded that I surrender to him to sodomize me again. When I refused and told him that I would never do it again, he angrily gave me One million five hundred thousand Shillings (U Shs 1,500,000) and charged me never to tell anyone that he ever sodomized me, warning that if I ever did, I would die.

16. THAT very upset, I gave the money to my uncle, Santo Uola who took charge of my mother’s medical treatment and I moved to stay in Entebbe with a friend, Matovu Ronald (now in Botswana), because I didn’t want her to know what I was going through and that to get the money for her treatment, I had been sodomized by Pr Robert Kayanja, a man so greatly respected.

17. THAT even during my five months’ stay in Entebbe, I never told my friend what I was really going through.

18. THAT since the incident, my life has continued to struggle with trauma. Sometimes my stool comes with blood and I feel pains almost every after six months.

19. THAT I never went for treatment after the sodomy incident.

20. THAT after my 5 months stay in Entebbe, I returned to church determined never to depend on the church again. I soon befriended Mr Bindu, an electrical engineer and member of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, who trained me in electrical repairs and installations and I have been working with till recently when I decided to quit Rubaga Miracle Centre altogether.

21. THAT in Jan 2009, I heard about the ongoing campaign against sodomy in church, led by Pr Male, Pr Kyazze and Pr Sempa, through my friend Brian Ntwatwa, who referred me to Pr Sempa first.

22. THAT I soon met and shared my story with Pr Sempa who thereafter went abroad, then Brian referred me to Pr Michael Kyazze who finally referred me to Pr Male.

23. THAT when Pr Robert Kayanja realized that I had gained access to the anti-gay campaign pastors, he set spies on me. My brother Lubega George whom I took into Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral started asking me why I talking about Pr Kayanja.

24. THAT when we went to Deliverance Church, Makerere, one of Pr Kayanja’s body guards called Kinobe, in the company of other men followed me, and I told George Oundo about it. So when leaving the church, I used the rear door and escaped from them, through the valley onto Bombo Road. At home, I learnt that mysterious men had also sought me.

25. THAT one day, I got an SMS message saying that if I didn’t pull out of the sodomy expose, I would be killed. I immediately gave away my phone and threw away the line, 0779186809. And since then, I have lived in fear for my life.
26. THAT I want Pr Robert Kayanja’s indulgence in sodomy exposed so that other vulnerable children don’t fall prey. During my close contact with him, I witnessed many desperate boys seek to privately meet him and I suspect that they too could have had similar experiences with him like I had, because all are charged to keep it secret.

27. THAT Brian Ntwatwa is among the boys I used to meet at Pr Robert Kayanja’s home at Ntinda, but later quit church, though he surfaced later trying to get the pastor’s sodomy victims. I believe he must have rightly suspected me sodomized then referred me to Pr Ssempa because I had never before shared my story with him.

28. I declare that what is contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Declared at Kampala this …………. Day of ………………… 2009

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