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Samson Mukisa’s Affidavit





I SAMSON MUKISA of C/o Kaggwa & Company Advocates, P.O Box 6624 Kampala, do solemnly make oath and declare as follows:

1. THAT I am a male adult of sound mind, born 1990 and the victim of forced sodomy by Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral, and make oath.

2. THAT I joined Rubaga Miracle Center in 2003, following my father, the late Richard Bulega of Kitende, Kajjansi, along Kampala – Entebbe Road, who had had been a member for some time. We used to be ferried freely every Sunday by the church buses.

3. THAT my mother, Nansubuga Oliver had died in 2000.

4. THAT when my father died in 2004, I stopped attending services at Rubaga Miracle Center due to lack of transport for even the church buses had stopped plying our route.

5. THAT when I clocked 18 years in February 2008, my family members told me that I must start performing our clan spiritual rituals because I had inherited the names of my grandfather whose will had been that when I clock 18 years, I must start performing all the clan spiritual rituals he used to perform. Because I had already accepted Christ as my personal Savior, I declined involvement in the spiritual rituals and during the clan meeting that followed on a Sunday, I was banished from both my family and clan.

6. THAT with no other option, I decided to go to Rubaga Miracle Center where Pr Kayanja had a ministry helping street children. When there, I told him my problem and he welcomed me into his ministry as one of the homeless children till I left under very painful circumstances.

7. THAT in the street children ministry, the pastor in-charge was called Wampampa and I used to participate in all activities that included music and drama competitions amongst the groups.

8. THAT one Sunday evening, after Pr Kayanja’s return from Rwanda and Mbarara trips, we had competitions from which a winner was to be established. Pastor Kayanja attended the function. Group A, which I headed won the competitions. Immediately after announcing the winner, Pr Kayanja sent one of my fellow children named John to call me to him.

9. THAT when before pastor Kayanja, he told me how I had sung so well and to congratulate me, he offered to take me out to a hotel for dinner.

10. THAT soon thereafter before the end of the function, he drove me to a hotel whose name and location I do not know, but as far as I can remember, had more white guests than black ones and fewer women, and had a wall fencing with a gate, and parking inside.

11. THAT at the hotel, he bought for me chips, chicken, sausages and soda, and he ate sausages and splash juice.

12. THAT after supper, he left me seated and went out and on his return, he told me that his vehicle had failed to start, and further, that Police patrol might arrest him. He told me that he would book a room for us to stay till the morning. Since I knew nothing evil about him, I had no reason to object to his proposal of a night at the hotel.

13. THAT he booked one self-contained room, which had only one bedding. When I asked whether we were to share the bed, he told me that in the hotel were spare mattresses; he would call the reception for other beddings so that I leave the bed for him.
14. THAT as he directed me, I took a bathe. While I was bathing, he called the reception for one plate of chips and two glasses of juice which I found on table after bathing.

15. THAT though I was already full, he compelled me to eat and drink, stressing, he had spent money on the order and was not willing to lose it.

16. THAT a few minutes after I had eaten and taken the juice, I lost my senses, and by the time I woke up on Monday morning I was on the same bed with Pr Kayanja and he had already dressed up; and on the bed were used condoms, and I was feeling great pain in my anus. I immediately realized that he had sodomized me without my consent. However, I could not dare confront him because of the power he had: he had powerful bodyguards and access to the President of Uganda. I feared for my life. I knew that he had capacity to kill me.

17. THAT he immediately told me to dress up, without bathing and we left for the car. To my surprise, the car started normally and he took me back to the church.

18. THAT after about one week, he came to our residence and found me in bed, I could neither walk nor tell anyone what had happened to me. When he sought to know what my problem was and I told him of the pains in anus, he charged me never to tell anyone what he had done to me, that his status would be damaged, and that if I ever did, I would live for just one week and die.

19. THAT he immediately phoned a female medical doctor who came with all necessary medications and tools a few minutes later and she (the doctor) dressed and sowed up my anus, and gave me medicine to swallow. However, on the report that she handed to Pr Kayanja, I saw her write about me in Luganda, ‘Mutabufu wa mutwe,’ meaning; ‘He is insane.’

20. THAT about two weeks later, Pr Kayanja came to see me and inquired of my situation. When I told him that I had greatly improved, he left.

21. THAT the following day, Pr Kayanja’s two bodyguards came to me, held and bundled me up and told me, they had instructions to take me to Kampiringisa juvenile prison, which I had already heard of from fellow children at the church. As I resisted being pushed into their car, I got injured on my right leg and gave in.

22. THAT at Kampiringisa, the bodyguards told the female medical doctor on duty that I was insane. On examination however, she told them she could find nothing wrong with my mental state and could therefore not accept me.

23. THAT immediately, one of the bodyguards handed an envelope to the doctor, compelling her to change mind and receive me. The bodyguards left me there.

24. THAT after about one month, the female doctor was replaced by a male doctor who checked us afresh on one Sunday. When he found me to be of sound mind and sought to know why I had been taken there, I told him my story which greatly moved him. That same Sunday night he took me out of Kampiringisa. I spent the night at his home and in the morning, Monday, he put on a taxi to Kampala.

25. THAT when the taxi dropped me in the New Taxi Park, I inquired of the way to Kajjansi and when directed, I footed till Namasuba where I sought for a well to quench my thirst. I was directed to the well which wasn’t far from Berkeley High School. At the well I sighted students eating lunch and thought I could also be given.

26. THAT at Berkeley High School, the cook promised to give me lunch on condition that I fetched water for the school every morning, to which I agreed. I spent the night at a nearby incomplete house and on the following day, I started working for food; fetching water every morning, and sleeping in the incomplete house.

27. THAT on the evening of the third day of my working at the school, I heard praising at the nearby church which I later found to be Omega Healing Center, Namasuba, headed by Pr Michael Kyazze. I joined the service and continued attending the evening services.

28. THAT during the following Sunday service at Omega, Pr Michael Kyazze raised the issue of sodomy in church and asked whoever had testimony about it to meet any of the pastors at the church. He also announced that on the following Sunday, we would have a special evening service tackling the evils going on in church, and the coming of Pastor Moses Solomon Male and other guests to address the problem. I thought he was lying; they would not seriously rise to the challenge of sodomy in church.

29. THAT on the appointed Sunday, October 26th 2008, during the special service, Pr Male came with victims, and shared his experience in fighting against the rot in church, among which was sodomy. Some of the victims he came with also testified about sodomy by pastors. It was a very moving experience for me and I got courage to break my silence about victimization by Pr Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral.

30. THAT on the following Thursday, I met Pr Felix Semuju of Omega Healing Center and shared my experience with him. He immediately took me to Pr Bob. At that time Pr Kyazze was abroad and when he returned, Pr Bob introduced me to him. After narrating my experience to him, he counseled me and offered to take care of me and since then, I am under his care, and he has introduced me to people who have also encouraged me not to keep silent, but stand courageously.

31. THAT as a result of my experience with Pr Kayanja, I have suffered emotional and physical hurt too deep to immediately heal, and have continually been traumatized. Many times I have shed tears, regretting why I had gone to him for solace.

32. THAT since October 26th 2008, I have encountered other sodomy victims which has compelled me to openly share my story and seek redress so that what happened to me and to others doesn’t happen to more unsuspecting children and youths in their desperate search for solace and support.

33. I declare that what is contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Declared at Kampala this …………. Day of ………………… 2009

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