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Yusuf Muguluma’s Affidavit




I YUSUF KYASANKU MUGULUMA of C/o Kaggwa & Company Advocates, P.O Box 6624 Kampala, do solemnly make oath and declare as follows:

1. THAT I am a male adult of sound mind and the victim of forced sodomy by Pastor Dr Handel Lesley of Abundant Life Church, Bunamwaya, and make oath.

2. THAT at about 1.30 pm one day, about the year 1999, I phoned pastor Handel Lesley for whom I had worked for some time as his church painter, for the money he owed me amounting to U Shs 500,000 (five hundred thousand Shillings). He told me that since he was conducting a lunch-hour service at Kansanga Miracle Center, I meet him at his home at Lubowa at 7.00pm.

3. THAT after getting a one way taxi fare, I went to his home at the appointed time as he told me and his armed guard let me in after consulting him.

4. That when inside, I found him seated in his dinning room and after welcoming me, he offered me some juice from a freezer, and after about 5 minutes, he asked me to let him have anal sex with me and openly told me that he was a practicing gay (homosexual). I was shocked for though I had heard rumors that he was sodomizing young boys, I had never encountered any victim of his to prove them. I trusted him as a man of God who couldn’t involve in such dirty activity.

5. That even though I told him that such an action was just too much for me to consent to; he told me that I would not get hurt. When I insisted on a no, he continued nagging me instead of paying me and I leave, and later called in a boy to whom he introduced me as a friend and ordered him to serve us food after which he bid us good-night.

6. That it was night and he knew that I had no money to transport me back home or money to sustain my family in the coming days.

7. That after super, he told me that I had no alternative but to agree to anal sex with him or else, he would call in the Police to arrest me as a thief. This disempowered me and though I pleaded that we arrange to do it on another day, he refused and insisted on it then.

8. That to further coerce me into the act, he told me that it wasn’t only him involved in sodomy, that many powerful people in Uganda and abroad were involved, and that if I refused, I would get into regrettable problems.

9. That he promised to take me abroad, give me money and many other gifts, and all necessary treatment and care if I developed any complications. He also promised me medicine to build up my body for sodomy.

10. That to give me courage into the act, he went into his bedroom, returned with what I recognized to be an intoxicating substance folded in paper like a cigar and a lotion and told me that if I used them, no pain or hurt would be felt. He told me that even before preaching, he would use the substance to gain strength to preach. When I smoked it, I felt weakened.
11. That at that point, he took me into his bedroom and in a small unlit room therein, he sodomized me. Though I felt pain, I had nothing to do for we were only the two of us in there.

12. That after the act, he showed me a bottle of whisky and said I could use it if I felt pain.

13. That before leaving his home, he ordered me to take a full bathe, to which I complied.

14. That he also strongly warned me that if I ever dared to expose what he had done to me, I would get myself into deep trouble, which I believed because at the time, some powerful political and military figures were not only frequenting his church but were close to him.

15. That after the incident, he gave me U Shs 30,000 (thirty thousand Shillings) of the UShs 500,000 (five hundred thousand) he owed me, promising to pay the balance on his return abroad, a promise he never honored.

16. That because of the incident, I developed pain, anal complications, trauma, depression, psychological torture and regrets and my life has never been the same again. I also developed hatred for Christianity which has been gradually growing into desire to revenge.

17. That since the incident, I have been silent about what happened because of stigma and fear to court trouble from my powerful abuser for I had been strongly fore-warned against the option.

18. That it has been Pr Moses Solomon Male’s openness in confronting church leaders’ evils, his commitment to stand with victims and the counsel and encouragement he has given me since my first encounter with him at the Bukedde FM kimeeza (open public talk-show) and subsequent counseling sessions at his office that have given me courage to break my silence and seek proper medical treatment and redress and ensure that what happened to me doesn’t happen to others.

19. I declare that what is contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Declared at Kampala this …………. Day of ………………… 2008
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