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This blog is a track of events that are and have happened in the global fight against sodomy. It is called Miracle Centre Watch deriving the name from the on going scandal of the leader of the miracle center churches around the world, Ps. Robert Kayanja. Ps. Kayanja is allegedly a homosexual, who has one around forcing young boys into the practice and sodomizing them. The battle is however not against personalities or individuals but the vice of sodomy that is eating up the church of Christ all over the world. Apparently, world spiritual trends indicate that what is happening is not rivalry, but a shift from tolerance with sin to intolerance. It requires discernment to recognize such, otherwise, many are tempted to think it is an attack on one church or its leadership. “What is unfolding has nothing to do with rivalry as Pr Kayanja has labored to portray it since none of us involved hates, envies or desires his downfall; but it is a divide based on Biblical (true Christian) principles, values and character, similar to what has happened in the Anglican Communion.” Ps. Martin Ssempa.


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